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Converter Prices

ADC Catalytic Buys Scrap Catalytic Converters for some of the best prices available Today!

"Higher price always paid upon shipment receipt on any upward price movement"

*Choose the price list below for the quantity of scrap catalytic converters you have to sell to us.

a:USA 1 to 9 converters;  b:USA 10 to 49 converters;  c:USA 50 to 249 converters;  d:USA 250 to 499 converterse:USA 500 to999 converters;  f:USA 1000 or more converters;  g:USA Ceranic material only by assay;  h:Canada, Mexico & International converters. 

*On that page each category has the price for each full converter. 

*Any catalytic converters that have material missing and are not full we will grade as 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 of the full price when they arrive and we will adjust the price for those converters that rattle when you shake them (that is how you can tell for yourself that it may not be counted as Full. Converters that are cut down past the pipes into the converter or have had the heat shields removed may be identified as different as the heat shields are the primary identifier and will be identified and paid as the lesser because identifying them outside of doing an assay x-ray that costs more than an individual converter offers.(see "USA Ceramic Material Only Pricing By Assay")

  Enter the Quantity you have and add to cart.  Once you have added all scrap catalytic converters to their catagory and added to cart, you go to checkout and enter the Information "Shippment From"  then next page "Payment To"  Which is Whom the check is made out and mailed to.  Once you have all of the information filled in click next and then "Submit".  You will then get a copy of the order form with an "Order Confirmation Number" on it.   

Print out 2 copies, One for Your Records and One to Send With Shipment.

Ship Scrap Catalytic Converters To:

ADC Recycling

134 Blackjack Rd.

La Vernia, Texas  78121


We will mail out the check for payment the next business day after we receive the shipment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday USA central time.  

Copyright © ADC Recycling & Catalytic, La Vernia, TX

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