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New Grading System

New Catalytic Converter Grading System

In mid 2009 after the market drop, The scrap converter industry made some changes in the grading and categorization of converters.  Below is the new industry wide grading system.  You will notice changes of some and addition of new categories.


New Grading System


Domestic Pre:   all gm pre, small corvette, aroestar, All domestic cast iron.

Regular Domestic:   Small Chrysler without the nipple, X small wedge, Small AC Delphi, Small GM Flow, Sho Mercury, All Ford Motor Co., Escort, bug, Small Camry.

Ranger:  Large wedge w/o X, Large mouth.

Medium Chrysler:  6" crimp, Small Suitcase.

Small AC:  small Chrysler with nipple

1/2 Small AC:  Colorado and all reral small AC & Delphi, 2007 & up Ford diesel.

Large GM:  8" & 10" crimp, Large suitcase, Large GM Flow, Large round Chrysler with GM material on both ends.

Import Pre:  rx7pre, Titan, Welded bracket 3 pipe, All small Toyotawith T# and without poorman, 6 bolt large mouthToyota, all cast and small Mercedes MI 3-1/2", All cast iron imports.

Regular Import:  Large flow, Honda 15" & 18", Altima, Fat small Toyota, Wing Mitsibishi, twin Mitsibishi 4 pipe, Jaguar Fo.Mo.Co., Saturn, Large Kia/Hyundai TSH31, Small round bread loaf, Hotdog(only a few), Nissan A & TA, Honda w/o center weld, Large mouth cast w/5 bolt.

TAP:  Tundra, 5 line big Toyota, Acura, Center weld Honda, Large Suzuki, Large Hyudai with cast, 4 finger, BMW twin, round and flat Land Rover.

Large Import:  6 line big Toyota, 4 line Mitsubishi, egg shape Mitsubishi, large VW-Audi, no gap large Kia, Dodge Diesel 2007 & up converter and filter with 3 bolt between-each piece (total 2)

Extra Large Import:  RX7, Large VW 1 pipe in/2 out, Toyota 4 Runner

Lowgrade:  5 line cast Honda; All VW, Audi, Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia; Waffle; Small Honda Accord (Hotdog); Toyota Z; Large cast (Pathfinder); Nissan with BS

Geo:  hanger, squid, M L Mercedes, 3 pipe with cast bracket

02:  green bean, 10 line with 02 on the end, and center 02 with cast flange

Camry:  4 Dot and Camry

4 Pipe:  Toyota 4 pipe and richman

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